We find you the people who RISE to the top

Our Process:

A job intake process that goes layers below the surface to understand:

How to market your opportunity best to attract the ideal candidates for your position

What your job is really about instead of a list of job duties
The difference between the type of person you really need vs whom you initially thought you needed

Anything that could get in the way of you hiring the best candidate (e.g., problems with your pay range or hiring process). We then openly share with you some ways to address these obstacles.

We utilize a 7-step sourcing process rather than the 2-3-step process that most firms use. This allows us to identify the overall market of candidates for your positions.
From this list, we have communications with the top 10-15 people who potentially fit and may have interest in your position.
Execute an extensive screening process to determine how well these people match your needs. We present to you the top 3-5 who RISE to the top.
Manage the communications and expectations with the candidates you interview to address your and the candidates’ concerns. This maximizes the odds that you hire the people who RISE To the top.
Help you negotiate compensation that’s a win for both to get the relationship started on the right foot.


A Bad Hire Can Cost Five Times The Annual Salary of the Employee?

The average time to fill a position is 42 days. However, in the insurance industry, where specialized skills and knowledge are required, this time can be even longer (61 days). During the time a position remains vacant, existing employees are left to pick up the slack, potentially leading to increased stress and burnout.

The costs of an open position can add up quickly. For example, if an open position has an annual salary of $60,000, every day it remains open costs the company $374.38 in lost productivity, according to research by Glassdoor. Over the course of a 42-day hiring process, the total cost to the company can exceed $15,700.

At Rise, we understand the importance of finding the right candidate quickly. We work diligently to identify and connect with top talent in the insurance industry, ensuring that our clients have access to the best candidates available. Our recruitment process is streamlined and efficient, enabling us to fill positions quickly and effectively.


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Our mission is to match insurance companies with the best insurance professionals to create a win for everyone.